Our Team

We offer a bridge of international competency and a policy of strict privacy for foreign advisors and their clients.


By assembling a team of international professionals, we offer a bridge of international competency for clients applying for citizenship or residency or whom desire a foothold in the Caribbean, Canada, Malta or Ireland. Our team are all international citizens themselves with multiple citizenships.

✓    No intermediaries. Licensed Government Agent
✓    Hundreds of successful cases processed
✓    On-the-ground expertise for clients and international advisors
✓    Long-standing history of commitment to the Caribbean islands
✓    Wrapping international expertise around investment opportunities
✓    Bespoke citizenship and concierge services
✓    Deep connections in each jurisdiction

A visit to the headquarters in Antigua is all that it takes to appreciate the strength of the group and to experience the value of what is being offered.




Brian Dobbin is the founder of Citizens International and was born in Ireland and raised in Canada. Coming from an entrepreneurial family Brian began his own business 20 years ago and has had significant success internationally in property development and sales.

Now living in the Caribbean, he has worked across borders his adult life and first became familiar with citizenship investment in the 1990’s in Canada, creating a citizenship program with a provincial government and providing jobs for hundreds of families there which still exist today. From this he assisted governments in the creation of citizenship programs in the West Indies and Ireland, and understands intimately the benefits of being an international citizen and the impact of their investment.



Managing Partner


Born and raised between France and England, Kal has straddled two cultures her entire life. Based between Antigua and Canada, she is an honours graduate having studied at university in the U.K. and France.

Kal is a founding partner and a key part of the Citizens International team since its inception and has led the expansion of the business beyond the Caribbean to Europe and North America. She has been deeply involved with Caribbean citizenship services for the past 10 years and her career in sales, marketing and design for destination developments has spanned 15 years in partnership with her husband Brian.

With an established reputation in both citizenship services and development design and marketing, she travels internationally to meet clients, business partners and attend promotion and/or industry events. She has authored many articles mostly about life in the Caribbean and has been a vocal advocate of the region. Having moved there in 2005 she is able to promote the lifestyle and benefits of residency on the island effortlessly, as she is reminded of them every day.



Director (Antigua)


Abi Mansoor, Director (Antigua) is a qualified Licensed Agent and has over 15 years experience in business consulting. Abi oversees all client applications in Antigua & Barbuda and is our resident expert on all things Antigua including, Real Estate and Business Investments which qualify for citizenship.

Abi travels to industry events internationally and liaises with the government almost daily to track our client applications. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to process and efficiency in Antigua & Barbuda and also runs Citizens International’s bespoke concierge service for our high net worth clientele who have a personal foothold in Antigua. The concierge team assists with many services from bank account openings to luxury home searches to private jet charters and yachting experiences.



Director (West Africa)


Originally a Chemical and Polymer Engineer, Oyeleke Toye, has become a successful entrepreneur in a number of fields over the last 16 years by growing and running businesses in Nigeria.

He combines his vast experience in navigating the often cumbersome business climate in Nigeria with the freedom and advantages his Antigua and Barbuda citizenship has afforded him, to guide and assist other successful entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals from West Africa get through the process of becoming global citizens themselves.



Director (ASEAN)


Raised in Spain and qualified in the EU as an international lawyer, Jose has followed a career path first and foremost that has let him experience the world. Jose has worked for multi-discipline law firms in South America and Eastern Europe, and in the United States whilst working with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

For the last number of years he has been located in Asia and now resides in Bangkok, representing Citizens International for the ASEAN region. With his broad experience in jurisprudence around the world Jose understands the safety and support offered to successful individuals through a second citizenship, and knows firsthand that the lifestyle and opportunity in the Caribbean are second to none.



Senior Citizenship Consultant


Nienke was born in Germany and grew up in The Netherlands. Her career path in high-end hospitality created an opportunity for her to move to the Caribbean in 2011 and through her extensive experience working in some of the island’s top resorts, she has become an expert on all things lifestyle-related in the region.

Fluent in English, German and Dutch, her management pathway led her to citizenship and lifestyle services with Citizens International in 2019 and she is now a senior citizenship consultant for the region assisting clients from all over the world with their Caribbean citizenship, residency and offshore financial foothold and lifestyle needs.



Director (Banking Services)


Alberto (Albi) Rovere entered the business world at a young age when starting his own firm in his early 20’s. Following a love of travel and the Caribbean, he re-located to Antigua. Over the last decade he has specialized in assisting high net worth individuals and families with offshore citizenship and private client services.

Today Albi is an ACSI associate member and the Banking Services Director for Citizens International splitting his time between Antigua and London. He brings his energetic and affable personality to assisting international private wealth clients and has well-established relationships in the top offshore banking jurisdictions. Albi also lives the life of an international citizen, and enjoys the benefits of living between destinations and distinct cultures.



Director (China)


Jie Chu has a Masters degree from Peking University, and Bachelors degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She also studied in France and the U.S. while at university, and is a Level III CFA qualified investment professional.

Based in Beijing, Jie Chu has over five years experience working across China’s major cities assisting clients and professional partners with Caribbean, North American, European and Australian immigration programs and investment opportunities. Fluent in English and Mandarin, Jie Chu is a keen traveller having most recently explored South America and she also coordinates informative and fun inspection trips to the Caribbean for our Chinese clientele.



Director (Dubai)


Kim is a lawyer with more than 20 years experience in the citizenship and residency industry. Through his law firm, he has a long history of providing diligent and reliable services, and has a network of satisfied clients. Over the years, he has assisted clients from over 70 different countries, with respect to services related to Canada, the USA, St. Kitts & Nevis, Cyprus, Dominica and other jurisdictions.

Kim is principally located in Dubai, U.A.E., and has established a strong presence throughout the Middle East and beyond.



Advisor (South Africa)


Laura Alan, Director (South Africa) is an experienced professional based in Cape Town. Born and raised in South Africa, Laura has lived in North America and Europe for many years and now leads our client services in South Africa with a wealth of experience as an international citizen.



Director (Cayman Islands)


John Moore, Director (Cayman Islands) is a seasoned investment specialist and oversees Citizens International’s clients’ offshore structuring services in the Cayman Islands, the world’s fifth largest financial centre.

As a former private banker in Luxembourg looking after UHNW clients and families, he has many years experience working across Europe, the Middle East Caribbean and the UK predominantly in asset-backed investment opportunities denominated in GBP and USD. John heads up a boutique consultancy firm working in partnership with Citizens International since 2016.



Assistant Editor (Antigua)

Yensa was born in Antigua and Barbuda to a Grenadian mother and an American father. This allowed her to gain one of the most powerful tools for life, dual citizenship!
She is an experienced Operations Manager with a history of working in the Investment Management Industry. Skilled in People Management, Writing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Management, Media Marketing, Drone Operating, Video and Photography.


Customer Service (Antigua)


Shecore is in charge of Citizens International Concierge Services and is the most organized person we know! She was born in Antigua and has lived here her entire life. She is also a qualified accountant and is a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.
Her work experience includes over 13 years in managerial positions and we are so lucky to have Shecore keeping things shipshape at CI HQ in Antigua on a number of fronts! We have many clients coming to see us over the Christmas and New Year period and if you’re one of them, Shecore will be one of the first team members to welcome you to the island.




Commonwealth citizenship
Best value of the Caribbean programs
Average 4 months processing time
From US$ 150,000

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA – Permanent Residency

Residency by investment
A safe place to reside with a fast-growing economy
Average 1-3 months processing time
From $ 49,000 per year

PORTUGAL – Permanent Residency

Residency by investment
The fastest-growing economy and excellent access to medical health care in Europe
Average 6 months processing time
From € 1,000,000


Commonwealth citizenship
Oldest of the Caribbean programs
Average 4 months processing time
From US$ 150,000 (instead of US$195,000, until December 31, 2021)


Commonwealth citizenship
Popular option
Average 5 months processing time
From US$ 100,000


Vanuatu Citizenship
Increasingly popular for Asian clients
Average 2 months processing time
From US$ 150,000


Commonwealth citizenship
Visa-free access Europe, Russia, & China
Qualify for USA E-2 visa application
From US$ 150,000

IRELAND – Permanent Residency

Residency by investment
Fastest growing economy in Europe
Average 6 months processing time
From EUR 1,000,000