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Dominica is an island nation located in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea. Dominica comprises 290 square miles and is inhabited by approximately 72,000 people. On 3 November 1493 Christopher Columbus named the island after the day of the week on which he discovered it – a Sunday – Dominica in Latin. According to data from the World Bank, Dominica’s GDP (2013) reached US$504.8 million.

Dominica is a parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations and, since 1979, a member of La Francophonie. The president, the country’s Head of State, is elected by the House of Assembly and the executive power rests with the cabinet and headed by the prime minister. The country is a participating member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).


History. After Christopher Columbus’ discovery in 1493, Dominica remained relatively undisturbed for more than 100 years. Caribs (pre-Columbian native) slowly started to settle in the island as they were being driven from surrounding islands, as European powers entered the Caribbean region. The French claimed Dominica in the early 17th century and ruled over it till the mid-18th century when France ceded the island to the British under the Treaty of Paris (1763), following the conclusion of the Seven Years’ War. Under the British in 1838, Dominica became the only British Caribbean colony to have a legislature with a majority of ethnic African members. It attained independence from Britain on 3rd November 1978 and is now known as the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Culture. Like all Caribbean islands, music and dance are important facets of Dominica’s culture. The Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival attracts thousands of visitors every year as does the annual carnival, locally referred to as “Mas”. Gordon Henderson founded the group Exile One and an original musical genre, which he coined “Cadence-lypso”. This paved the way for modern Creole music.

Economy. Dominica’s economy is primarily driven by agriculture, with bananas the primary product. The Government has encouraged the diversification of the agricultural sector by promoting the production of coffee, patchouli, aloe vera, cut flowers and exotic fruits such as mango, guava, and papaya.

Tourism is a major growth sector. The government has already invested in modernization and development of docking and waterfront facilities. This has resulted in growth of tourist visiting Dominica. In the year 2013 over 325,000 tourists visited Dominica.

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Tourism is a major growth sector. The government has invested in modernizing and further developing docking and waterfront facilities resulting in tourism growth. In 2013 over 325,000 tourists visited Dominica.

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Dominica Citizenship Program

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most affordable yet completely legal and secure economic citizenship solutions in the world. Created in 1993 to boost the island economy, the program today is the biggest source of income for the country.

The program requires a purchase of a tourism-related real estate from an approved development, or a non-refundable donation to the Government Fund. Recently the Government of Dominica decreased the processing fees for investors in real estate and made this option even more competitive that the donation, though real estate market in Dominica remains underdeveloped.

Once citizenship of Dominica has been granted, you will have the all of the same rights as any Dominican citizen. You will have the right to live and work in Dominica at any time. As Dominica is a member of CARICOM, you can also live in any other member nation. With a Dominican passport, you can travel visa-free to over 95 countries, including the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland and all the European Schengen states.

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The benefits

Dual and lifetime citizenship for you and eligible family members

Tax advantages - No capital gain or estate taxes; income generated outside the country is not taxed

Confidentiality – Information on persons who acquire citizenship is kept completely confidential and is not reported to your present country of citizenship

No Residency – There is no requirement to reside in the country before or after citizenship is granted

Visa-free Travel - With little or no residency requirement, a qualified investor and family members can benefit from numerous privileges including visa-free travel to more than 130 countries.

Program Requirements

The application process is confidential, with no disclosure of or exchange of information, except where necessary checks are to be carried out by an authorised due diligence agency.

The forms must be completed and submitted in English and via an Authorized Agent. Citizens International’s legal and accounting professionals will guide you through the application process with great care and attention to detail in order to streamline your processing time.

There is no requirement to travel to Dominica as part of the application process, however we encourage individuals to visit Dominica. If an interview is required, it would usually be held in Dominica. However, should the applicant be unable to attend an interview in Dominica, interviews may be held at certain centres outside of Dominica, subject to the applicant paying the applicable costs.

Our team will guide you through the application process. The information required includes:

  • Disclosure Form
  • Verification form
  • Two (2) completed and notarized copies of Application Form 12 for each applicant
  • One (1) professional reference
  • Letter of Employment/ Financial Statements
  • Recommendation from applicant’s Bankers
  • Two (2) Personal references
  • Police Record, with fingerprints, from country of birth and country of residence (if different) for each applicant sixteen (16) years and over. For children twelve to fifteen (12-15), sworn affidavit by parent that child does not have criminal record
  • Eight (8) passport size photos for each applicant
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage if required
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school/university for children between 12 and 18 years old
  • Proof of payment of relevant fees.
  • Affidavit of Source of Funds.
  • Detailed Business Background Reports/Resume
  • Notarized copies of University/College diplomas

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Approved Real Estate

Cabrits Resort Kempinski

Cabrits Resort Kempinski

Dominica's first five-star luxury resort

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Tranquility Beach

Tranquility Beach

CURIO Collection by Hilton in Dominica

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Jungle Bay

Jungle Bay

The world's top eco retreat in Dominica

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Government Fund

The Government Fund was established through the economic citizenship program as one component of a national capital mobilization portfolio towards an ultimate goal of national development for Dominica.

Generated funds are utilised for public and private sector projects where a need is identified. Public sector projects identified for financing under the program include (1) building of schools, (2) renovation of the hospital, (3) building of a national Sports stadium and (4) towards the promotion of the Offshore Sector. With respect to private sector projects, government emphasis is on the tourism, information technology and agricultural sectors and therefore public sector projects to be financed under the program will fall within one of these sectors.

To qualify for citizenship under this investment option, there are four investment categories with different contribution amounts, based on the number of dependents included in the application, which are as follows:

  1. Single Applicant: a non-refundable contribution of US $100,000 is required
  2. Main Applicant and Spouse: a non-refundable contribution of US $175,000 is required
  3. Applicant with up to three dependents (Applicant plus spouse and two children below the age of 18): a non-refundable contribution of US $200,000
  4. Applicant with up to four dependents or more (Applicant plus spouse and more than two children below the age of 18): a non-refundable contribution of US $200,000 (plus US $25,000 for each additional dependent).

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