Grenada citizenship investment reduced price

Mar 20, 2019

The Government of Grenada announced yesterday that the minimum investment requirement for the real estate option of the country’s citizenship

Latest edition of The Citizen Magazine

Feb 3, 2019

The latest edition of The Citizen Magazine in Antigua  features a host of interesting articles from industry stakeholder. Prime Minister

3 Best Value Citizenship Options in the Caribbean

Jan 7, 2019

You work hard. You pour time, energy, and resources into your business. You want to expand your empire yet you

What’s in store for 2019?

Dec 30, 2018

Every country in the world wants to increase its flow of foreign direct investment to support economic development goals, and

Antigua CIP’s applications up 49% for 2018

Nov 27, 2018

The Antigua Citizenship by Investment program (CIP) is beating records in 2018, with the first six months of the year

Citizenship Investment Insight by Brian Dobbin

Oct 24, 2018

The Citizen Magazine published this week features a fascinating article by Citizens International Founder Brian Dobbin. From his early days

6 Reasons to Obtain a St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

Oct 21, 2018

One of the most important paradigm shifts created by the global recession a decade ago is how a lot of

Antigua announces new investment route under CIP

Oct 13, 2018

Effective immediately, the Antigua & Barbuda Cabinet has approved a new investment route on which to base citizenship applications, namely

Antigua’s CIP discount extended for 12 months

Oct 13, 2018

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Investment Unit announced Saturday the extension of the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) discount period

Foreign Direct Investment has grown 150%