[ Published December 1, 2017 by Admin ]

The Caribbean has long been the dream vacation destination for westerners, and generation of visitors and investors have made the archipelago of tropical islands a first world paradise and and crossroads of international culture.

While the US, Canada and the UK have dominated the flow of investor immigrants since these programs were first introduced over 30 years ago, the Caribbean programs are unique in the world. Qualified applicants can be granted citizenship in as little as 90 days, and no or little residency is required.

This is a very special opportunity and particularly well suited to those not seeking an immediate move of their family, and can be an essential component in an international wealth preservation strategy.

When considering the many faces the future can hold, the Caribbean holds significant advantages as a second home region and sanctuary.  Whether for reasons of global mobility and visa-free travel, to tax structuring to lifestyle to business investment opportunities to personal security, the Citizenship by Investment Programs offer affluent individuals a uniqie opportunity.

Citizenship applications must be accompanied by an investment in an approved property, or a non-refundable government donation and in some jurisdictions, via an approved business investment.


For more information on citizenship in Antigua, St. Kitts or Dominica, please contact Citizens International head office + 1 268 562 8585 or email us at [email protected].