[ Published February 3, 2019 by Admin ]

The latest edition of The Citizen Magazine in Antigua  features a host of interesting articles from industry stakeholder. Prime Minister The Honorable Gaston Browne starts off the quarterly magazine saying, “The attraction of Antigua & Barbuda as a destination for yachtsmen and sailors dates back to 1493, when Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on these two jewels.

Today, our nation continues to attract thousands to its shores, demonstrated by a continual growth in visitor arrivals throughout 2018. This year, more than one million visitors will come by air and sea in order to experience the joys that modern Antigua & Barbuda offers.

A special note to those mariners who choose to travel here by sea-going vessels in order to experience our islands’ marine beauty and tranquility; as you enter the magnificent deep-water harbour, you will witness expansion works still taking place.

We are currently rebuilding the cargo port and enlarging the cruise port. Fort James will also be rehabilitated to make it as attractive as our UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour.

In 2019 we also expect our Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) to continue breaking records. In the first six months of last year, we had the greatest volume of applicants in the history of the programme. There are no doubts that our approach to improving the programme, which includes the creation of a new investment option, The University of the West Indies (UWI) Fund, is paying off. Antigua & Barbuda now boasts the best CIP programme in the Caribbean and beyond. The people of Antigua & Barbuda welcome you, and I extend personal best wishes to all for 2019.”

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