Offshore Investments

Take advantage of a growing destination and growing industries


By dint of developing other projects in the area and having over 15 years experience in the Eastern Caribbean, Citizens International’s sister company Elmsbridge has created opportunities to acquire or re-develop under-utilised properties with uncommon latent land value.

The Citizens International team created one of the very first CIP-approved business funds for international clients and successfully subscribed the first offering in 2017 which was for construction financing of a new hotel project.

Future offerings will mostly focus on commercial development but also in food and energy production which is has unexploited potential in the Caribbean region. The investment can range from US $400,000 and up and the return on investment is quite attractive.

The offer packages are time limited and both the investment funds and projects are managed by third party professional internationally whilst our teams helps oversee technical, legal and commercial due diligence for each opportunity in tandem with overall structuring input.


Antigua & Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program is the only one in the Caribbean to offer the opportunity to apply for citizenship based on a business investment and therein lies a significant opportunity.

Given the explosion of UHNWI wealth over the last number of years globally, there has been a corresponding rise in the value of luxury property in desirable destinations and opportunity for significant investment return in this cycle. Antigua is a top tier luxury destination in the Caribbean, full of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and adventurers who love to spend part of their precious time on the island. They find the place soulful and sophisticated all at once, and are attracted to the laid-back way of life and local culture.

Antigua & Barbuda, as a former colony of the British, has been in the luxury tourism game for longer than many of the other islands. It holds the enviable position of being one of the most beautiful islands in the region with 365 stuff-dreams-are-made-of beaches, and is the one with some of the most impressive historical sites.

With daily direct air access from Europe and North America and turquoise waters, luxury yachts and celebrity residents, it is developed enough to have attracted thousands of immigrants to call the place home, and educate their children here. In the chic enclave of English Harbour on the south coast you’ll find yourself surrounded by the world’s biggest yachts, watching international regattas, and dining in a multitude of international-class restaurants amongst a sophisticated crowd who are distinctly understated.


Despite the financial crisis (and partly because of the resulting quantitative easing aka. modern monetary theory), global HNWI wealth has more than quadrupled in the last 20 years to over US $70 Trillion in 2019.

The largest markets, comprised of the United States, Japan, Germany and China, represent 61.2 percent of the global HNWI population and accounted for 62 percent of all new HNWIs globally in 2018.

Source: Cap Gemini



Commonwealth citizenship
Best value of the Caribbean programs
Average 4 months processing time
From US$ 150,000

THE BAHAMAS – Permanent Residency

Residency by investment – permanent or annual
A safe place to reside with a fast-growing economy
Average 2 months processing time
The minimum amount of investment is BSD $750,000

CAYMAN ISLANDS – Permanent Residency

Residency by investment of property
A safe place to reside with a fast-growing international centre
Average 1-3 months processing time
Minimum investment of US$1.2m

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA – Permanent Residency

Residency by investment
A safe place to reside with a fast-growing economy
Average 1-3 months processing time
From $ 49,000 per year



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