Citizenship Investment may look like a frog with warts, but it's actually a prince!

[ Published October 24, 2018 by Admin ]

The Citizen Magazine published this week features a fascinating article by Citizens International Founder Brian Dobbin.

From his early days lobbying the Canadian Federal government for a new provincial program in Eastern Canada to the successful use of that program and how it compares and relates to the increasingly sought-after Caribbean citizenship programs.

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“My introduction to citizenship investment was in a room with two dozen angry Chinese immigrants in Toronto in 1992. I had just started working with a family property development business, and we had bought a failed immigration investor program hotel project in Newfoundland.

I was there in my early twenties to tell the citizenship investors that they had lost all their money in the bankruptcy process from which we had acquired the asset. Meeting a room of fuming investors was probably the best perspective I could have gotten on this industry to start with, and it definitely shaped my actions over the years. Despite looking down its nose at the Caribbean citizenship investment programs, Canada invented this industry back in Brian Mulrooney’s government in the 1980s and has led the world for decades in attracting high-net-worth investment for expedited residency and citizenship.

When it was first introduced, investment projects could be presented provincially for approval and once approved, this investment was rewarded with a residency visa. I believe the value placed in China on the offering surprised a lot of people at the time, and soon projects of all sorts were being presented to friendly provincial ministers across the land.”

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