Chinese travellers spent $261 billion in 2016, which is a new record for global tourist spending.

[ Published April 18, 2017 by Admin ]

China’s tourist spending has had double-digit growth each year since 2004, and cemented its status as the largest outbound travel market since 2012.

Travellers from China spent more than any other country last year according to data released this week by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Chinese travellers spent a total of $221 billion over the course of the year, followed by tourists from the United States who spent a total of $122 billion. Germany, the UK, and France round out the top 5, which had combined spending of over $500 billion.

Taleb Rifai, the Secretary-General of UNWTO, praised the growing tourism spending numbers and was quoted saying “People continue to have a strong appetite for travel and this benefits many countries all around the world…”. The Caribbean itself has reaped the benefits of increased travel spending, as more people have been arriving each year and enjoying the luxurious services the islands have to offer.

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