[ Published January 17, 2018 by Admin ]

The Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit has confirmed the minimum donation amount for the National Development Fund route to citizenship will revert to US$ 200,000 1st November 2018.

The 50% discount took effect last 1st November 2017. This limited time offer successfully spurred a slew of applications to the program over the last months. Given the premium nature of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship opportunity, the discounted offer has been hugely attractive to international applicants.

As the regional leader economically with a booming international population, tourism statistics out-stripping world tourism growth, and being the Eastern Caribbean’s international flight hub, Antigua & Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program offers priceless value for financial and personal security.

Until November this year when the Limited Time Offer ends, the Antigua & Barbuda Fund donation remains the least expensive route to citizenship in the Caribbean.

National Development Fund CIP application

Single Applicant              US$ 132,800
Applicant + Spouse         US$ 140,600
Family of four                  US$ 145,200

*Fees may vary depending on the age of the dependents and Licensed Agents fees not included.