[ Published October 13, 2018 by Admin ]

Effective immediately, the Antigua & Barbuda Cabinet has approved a new investment route on which to base citizenship applications, namely a non-refundable donation of US$ 150,000 to the University of the West Indies (UWI) Antigua Campus Fund intended to finance the construction of UWI’s 4th campus.

Applications to the Antigua citizenship by investment program (CIP) based on the UWI Fund must include a minimum of four applicants, and one applicant will be eligible for a one-year full tuition scholarship to attend the university.

Celebrating it’s 70th anniversary this year, the university has produced many outstanding graduates from heads of government to Nobel Prize winners and outstanding Rhodes Scholars.

UWI is the largest and longest established higher education provider in the English-speaking Caribbean. offering undergraduate and postgraduate certificate, diploma and degree options in Engineering, Humanities & Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Pure & Applied Sciences, Science and Agriculture, and Social Sciences.