Caribbean Lifestyle Services

Our experienced team has deep connections in the region and a long-standing history of commitment to the islands. The Citizens International team offer luxury concierge service & on-the-ground competence for your professional and personal needs in the Caribbean.

Citizens International offers a full range of Caribbean lifestyle services from setting up bank accounts to property management to travel to business introductions and beyond.

Your foothold in the Caribbean can be easily managed via phone and email with our international team. Each member on our team is knowledgeable in creating relationships and scouting out the very best service providers.

Our Services

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES • Our team is privy to first-option investment opportunities through our professional and personal networks. We can also structure bespoke business investments into commercial property with high returns.

ADVISORY SERVICES • Financial Feasibility Analyses • Project Concept Definition and Coordination • Sales and Marketing Strategy and Management

CARIBBEAN REAL ESTATE • Talk to our property team about the various property opportunities from commercial hotel investment to vacation properties

PRIVATE CONCIERGE • Bank accounts • Drivers Licenses • Private Charters • Accommodation • Translation • Trip Planning

ON-ISLAND MANAGEMENT • Property Management • Payment of Bills • Personal Assistant

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA CITIZENSHIP • Antigua is a popular choice in the region for people looking for a second home, providing the most prestigious and in demand citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean.

DOMINICA CITIZENSHIP • A popular choice for those looking to spend a minimal amount

GRENADA CITIZENSHIP • Up and coming boutique island destination with solid potential for long-term growth

ST. KITTS & NEVIS CITIZENSHIP • Second most popular program and alluring off-the-beaten path tropical destination

ST. LUCIA CITIZENSHIP • The newest citizenship opportunity in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Lifestyle

The sought-after tropical climate of the Caribbean islands attracts varied international residents, and together with the friendly local populations, the islands are very comfortable places to integrate. Antigua in particular offers daily direct air access from North America and Europe and being the hub of Caribbean yachting, the island is a crossroads of the world albeit natural, simple and protected.

Year-round favorable growing conditions and plentiful marine life make the Caribbean’s culinary experiences fresh and delicious, and the abundance of outdoor activities make for a very healthy lifestyle. It is no surprise a mix of internationally famous politicians, entertainers, and fashion designers live here in some of the most beautiful homes imaginable.

There are myriad reasons why you should go to the Caribbean and invest in the islands. This includes economic growth, education opportunities, ease of language, and personal security, to a healthier living environment, perfect climate, and a vibrant arts and culture scene. There is an alluring simplicity and easiness to living in the tropics, accentuated by the cross-pollination of international cultures across the region.

The Caribbean’s historical roots spread back through thousands of years, into four continents and numerous civilizations and today offer a melting pot of small sophisticated communities in one of the most naturally spectacular and easily accessible regions in the world.

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