Our background

Citizens International was created in 2011 by Brian Dobbin, a Canadian entrepreneur and investor who has significant experience with the international second citizenship industry through the Canadian and Caribbean citizenship investment programs. His knowledge on second citizenship programs has helped countless individuals worldwide.

Recognizing the emergence and growth of ‘global citizens’- individuals whom had residency and/or passports in several countries – Citizens International was imagined as a company offering professional expertise and services in the Eastern Caribbean to those global clients whom recognize the value of a second citizenship in the region, and wish to diversify their investment portfolio.

We believe strongly in the quality of opportunity for immigrant investors offered in the Caribbean, and present specific and sound investment products qualified under the respective programs to our international client networks.

Citizens International has a long-standing history of commitment to the islands. Our team has deep connections in the region and offers unparalleled on-the-ground expertise wrapping international expertise around Caribbean investment opportunities and bespoke concierge services.

Our Services

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES • Our team is privy to first-option investment opportunities through our professional and personal networks. We can also structure bespoke business investments into commercial property with high returns.

ADVISORY SERVICES • Financial Feasibility Analyses • Project Concept Definition and Coordination • Sales and Marketing Strategy and Management

CARIBBEAN REAL ESTATE • Talk to our property team about the various property opportunities from commercial hotel investment to vacation properties

PRIVATE CONCIERGE • Bank accounts • Drivers Licenses • Private Charters • Accommodation • Translation • Trip Planning

ON-ISLAND MANAGEMENT • Property Management • Payment of Bills • Personal Assistant

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA CITIZENSHIP • Antigua is a popular choice in the region for people looking for a second home, providing the most prestigious and in demand citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean.

DOMINICA CITIZENSHIP • A popular choice for those looking to spend a minimal amount

GRENADA CITIZENSHIP • Up and coming boutique island destination with solid potential for long-term growth

ST. KITTS & NEVIS CITIZENSHIP • Second most popular program and alluring off-the-beaten path tropical destination

ST. LUCIA CITIZENSHIP • The newest citizenship opportunity in the Caribbean

Citizenship Investment Applications

The senior executives based in Antigua, oversee the Citizens International platform to assure the client’s service level is met throughout the investment and naturalization process.

Each applicant investor file is vetted carefully and can be accompanied by a third party international accounting report verifying the key information in the client’s citizenship application, particularly source of funds, prior to submission to the government.

Citizens International observes Know Your Client protocols and recognizes the critical importance of top quality investor applicants to both the company’s reputation, and the processing times expected for the applications.

For more information on programs and application processes, costs and timing, please contact us to schedule a private appointment via phone or in person.

Citizens International is a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean.

International team

By assembling a team of international professionals whom have relocated to Antigua where the company’s offices are based, we offer a bridge of international competency and a policy of strict privacy for foreign advisors and their clients when going through the citizenship investment and application process.

Our experienced team has deep connections in the region and offers white-glove specialist services necessary for citizenship investment. Providing on-the-ground expertise for clients and international advisors is critical and Citizens International has a long-standing history of commitment to the islands. The company wraps international expertise around Caribbean investment opportunities and bespoke concierge services.

A visit to the headquarters in Antigua is all that it takes to appreciate the strength of the group and to experience the value of what is being offered.

We believe strongly in the quality of opportunity for immigrant investors offered by Citizenship-by-Investment in the Caribbean, and present specific and sound investment products qualified under the respective programs to our international client networks.

Why work with us?

Our multi-national team are based in the Caribbean at our headquarters in Antigua and speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

Our long-standing presence in the Caribbean helps to maintain positive relationships with the citizenship by investment (CIP) authorities and Citizens International’s clients and partners benefit from an efficient multi-service platform.

We offer a professional service to clients making citizenship applications, and in doing so we assist in assessing the most advantageous investment route on which to base an application.

Should you choose to review the real estate investment route, we represent a hand-picked selection of what we believe to be sustainable real estate opportunities in the best locations with the most experienced developers and often offer exclusive real estate deals which we are privy to in Antigua, and in the other jurisdictions from time to time.

Citizens International has a unique knowledge of the investment potential and opportunities in the Caribbean and we have subscribed millions of dollars of investment into new real estate projects and new businesses in the region, the latter offering excellent early investor returns. The diligence packages on these opportunities are extremely detailed and usually time limited.

Our concierge team will organize individual or group CIP familiarization trips for clients or professionals who wish to learn more about the islands and our line of economic citizenship programs before making an investment. Once citizenship is granted, we remain representatives for clients and via our private concierge team can assist with a variety of services from bank accounts to company incorporations to further investment opportunities, and trips to the Caribbean for business or pleasure.

Management Team

The executives of Citizens International are exactly that – international citizens whom appreciate and understand the benefits of living and working globally.

Brian Dobbin

Kaline Kennard

Jimmy Webster

Jose Herrera

Brian Dobbin


Brian Dobbin is the founder of Citizens International and was born in Ireland and raised in Canada. Coming from an entrepreneurial family Brian began his own business 20 years ago and has had significant success internationally in property development and sales.

Now living in the Caribbean, he has worked across borders his adult life and first became familiar with citizenship investment in the 1990’s in Canada, creating a citizenship program with a provincial government and providing jobs for hundreds of families there which still exist today. From this he assisted governments in the creation of citizenship programs in the West Indies and Ireland, and understands intimately the benefits of being an international citizen and the impact of their investment.

Kaline Kennard


Kaline is an international marketing management honors graduate having studied at university in the U.K. and France. Born and raised between France and England, she has straddled two cultures her entire life. Fluent in multiple languages she has lived in the Caribbean since 2005.

Kaline is a founding partner and a key part of the Citizens International team since its inception, responsible for the communications and marketing of the company, and coordinating the professional network of partners around the world. She has lived in Antigua for the last five years and is able to promote the lifestyle and benefits of residency on the island effortlessly, as she is reminded of them every day.

Jimmy Webster

CEO & Head of Legal

Born in Scotland, Jimmy Webster practised as a corporate lawyer with CMS Cameron McKenna before working in investment banking in London. Starting his own advisory boutique firm in London offering corporate finance in the mid-2000’s, he worked with clients in many countries.

Jimmy joined Citizens International as a founding partner and CEO upon its creation in 2011. Living and raising a family in both the UK and the Caribbean, he truly appreciates the freedom of being a global citizen and the consequent benefits.

Jose Herrera

ASEAN Director

Raised in Spain and qualified in the EU as an international lawyer, Jose has followed a career path first and foremost that has let him experience the world. Jose has worked for multi-discipline law firms in South America and Eastern Europe, and in the United States whilst working with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

For the last number of years he has been located in Asia and now resides in Bangkok, representing Citizens International for the ASEAN region. With his broad experience in jurisprudence around the world Jose understands the safety and support offered to successful individuals through a second citizenship, and knows firsthand that the lifestyle and opportunity in the Caribbean are second to none.

Sean Stewart

Tristan Primus

Jie Chu

Sean Stewart

Director of Business Development

A citizen of the U.K., Canada and Barbados, Sean has extensive international experience managing teams for two prominent U.K. real estate companies selling prime London property, and travelling the world in competitive yacht racing. He was appointed Director of Business Development for Citizens International in 2016.

With an engaging personality and a very easy charisma Sean is well versed in the lifestyle and benefits of international citizenship. Based in London, he advises our professional network and clients, and travels frequently through Europe, the Middle East and Africa representing the company.

Tristan Primus

Licensed Agent

Born and raised in Antigua, Tristan was a recipient of the Antigua Louis H Lockhart scholarship while reading BSc. Accounting and Finance with an Associate Degree in Accounting at the University of the West Indies in Barbados. Upon graduation, he joined Citizens International and under the guidance of the management team, he completed his CGA (Certified General Accountant) certification and qualified as a Licensed Agent for the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program.

Tristan is responsible for liaising with the Citizenship Investment Unit on behalf of Citizens International and, in conjunction with the team, he assists in the timely processing of each client application.

Jie Chu

Director (PR China)

Jie Chu has a Masters degree from Peking University, and Bachelors degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She also studied in France and the U.S. while at university, and is a Level III CFA qualified investment professional.
Based in Beijing, Jie Chu has over five years experience working across China’s major cities assisting clients and professional partners with Caribbean, North American, European and Australian immigration programs and investment opportunities. Fluent in English and Mandarin, Jie Chu is a keen traveller having most recently explored South America and she also coordinates informative and fun inspection trips to the Caribbean for our Chinese clientele.

What is the level of investment required?

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