How to get a second passport by investment

Applicants interested in applying for the Caribbean citizenship program are required to make an investment into an approved property or business, or make a donation to a government fund.

Donation to a government fund

In general, the non-refundable donations to the government are less expensive in the short term than investing in a property or business. They are typically set up as non-profits subject to parliamentary oversight with annual published reports on use of funds.


These are referred to as AB9 investments and are early investments into approved businesses. The Citizens International team created one of the very first CIP-approved business funds for international clients and successfully subscribed the first offering in 2017 which was for construction financing of a new hotel project.

Future offerings will mostly focus on commercial development but also in food and energy production which is has unexploited potential in the Caribbean region. The investment can range from US $400,000 and up and the return on investment is quite attractive.

The offer packages are time limited and both the investment funds and projects are managed by third party professional internationally whilst our team helps oversee technical, legal and commercial due diligence for each opportunity in tandem with overall structuring input.

Real Estate Investment

An investment in a real estate project is a direct investment into the tourism infrastructure for these heavily tourism-centric countries. As a homeowner, your chosen property offers you and your family a place to visit and stay.

There is also the possibility of seeing your property value increase in the luxury Caribbean property market, and the chance to recoup your investment after the five-year minimum ownership period. If clients wish to pursue a citizenship application based on a property investment, Citizens International acts as a property agent and can identify the developers with proven expertise in the region whom we are confident are creating tourism infrastructure with value over and above the citizenship attached to it.

A good way to analyze this is to evaluate whether the investment properties would appeal to an international buyer who is not interested in applying for citizenship. A location not appealing to tourists is probably not going to hold value or appeal to a vacationer or lifestyle buyer when you come to rent out the property or sell it in the future, and of paramount importance is a sustainable development and operations plan.

Having been based in the Caribbean for decades, our team is well-versed in the property market and will ensure you are presented with all the information about each property so you can make the best decision. There are some exceptional opportunities for  value creation over the medium to long term.